• Praise and Support


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    Sita Bhaumik, Jocelyn Jackson, and Saqib Keval

    People's Kitchen Collective

    Working with Jonathan brings us confidence, clarity, and joy. For over five years, he has supported our work as the People's Kitchen Collective. Most recently, we worked with Jonathan on the Kenneth Rainin Foundation Open Spaces Program. His management and writing for this public art grant application were filled with deep care for our guiding principles.


    Jonathan kept us on task and provided valuable insight that drew from his extensive nonprofit management experience. As a small and hard-hustling project, we depend on Jonathan’s expertise and are inspired by his commitment to the community.

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    Erin Yoshioka

    Estria Foundation / Mele Murals

    Jonathan is fantastic to work with! He has a variety of skills which made him invaluable on our small team. His work is very thorough and has great attention to detail.

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    Nikki Silvestri

    People's Grocery

    I threw my entire Development Department at him and asked him to, "fix it." He created infrastructure I didn't know we needed, prepped me for meetings in ways I wouldn't have thought to ask, he evaluated our program systems to make them more efficient for fundraising, and he planned our events . . . all with the incredible grace of a team player.

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    D. Hall

    San Francisco / Marin Food Bank

    Jonathan is a brilliant and dedicated nonprofit professional. He is extremely competent and endlessly kind. Jonathan has great ideas for campaigns, a deep understanding of donor relations, and a true interest in doing good work for the community. He's a true team player and I would love to work with him again one day.

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    Olivia Harrison

    Capitol Hill Arts Workshop and Stand for Children (National)

    Jonathan has a constant eye out for organizational change, and seeks to always improve processes and product for a better outcome.


    He is the guy to have on your side, whether you are looking to grow in your job or to grow in your organizational capacity.

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    Daniel Vasquez

    Brother on the Rise

    It is a great experience to work with Jonathan. He is well versed in the development world, specifically local foundations. Jonathan is a strong writer and puts all the mission, purpose and passion into his writing. He works great with deadlines and completing all tasks. Jonathan brings a lot of great ideas to the table. He is very proactive and engaging.


    I will always choose to work with Jonathan first, if he's available.