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    A Trusted Leader and Collaborator for Culture, Education, Liberation, Social Justice, and Youth

    I grew up at the intersections of the arts, the teachers union, business, and the wild idea that liberation, education, and joy are inseperable goals.


    For more than 25 years, I've worked with arts, community, education, food, youth, and social movement organizations building ease, health, joy, and justice.


    I bring broad and deep leadership experience in fundraising, strategy, culture building, management, and operations to the organizations and movements I work with.


    I'm a writer, a coach, a problem solver, and a builder.


    Perhaps most importantly, I beleive deeply in working together to create healthy, just, and effective organizations. I'm a student of belonging, connection, and community.


    Look below to learn more about me and to see the ways we can work together.