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    About Me

    Over the past few decades, I've been dedicated to driving positive change across the United States, from Austin, TX, to Washington, DC, as well as in the Kingdom of Hawai'i and my home state of California.


    Since 1995, my work has spanned various sectors, connecting community, government, foundations, and business:

    • Funding public art projects, both locally and globally, to promote creativity and essential visual messaging.
    • Advocating for civil and human rights through marches, grassroots campaigns, and policy work.
    • Raising funds to support individuals living with AIDS/HIV.
    • Passionately championing healthy food and innovative food systems.
    • Empowering city youth by fostering tech skills and mentorship connections.
    • Supporting community arts organizations, nurturing creativity in music, theater, ceramics, and photography.

    For the past decade, my consulting work has included organizational planning, development, executive coaching, and fundraising.


    Supporting visionary leaders and diverse projects at the local, state, and national levels, offering guidance on strategy, fundraising, business, and social impact. Partnerships have ranged from documentary film and youth programs to refugee health, public art, local theater, cannabis equity, healthy food systems, and feminist, queer, and racial justice initiatives.


    Beyond professional roles, I've explored food writing, advocated for special education, delivered public speeches, served on boards, and engaged in pro bono and volunteer projects. Additionally, I've dedicated significant time to the study of systemic silence, resistant voice, neurodivergence, as well as both developmental and incident-related trauma.


    When not working with clients, you'll find me mixing dance music for friends, exploring culinary traditions to learn about culture and history, or simply enjoying quality time with family and friends.